Vibro Sifter Machine - Its Multiple Uses In Different Sectors Or Industries

Posted by Admin on November, 19, 2022

Vibro Sifter is a rotating vibrational sifting system designed to deliver sorting, scale and scoring measures for all applications in the medicinal, chemical, food and cement industries. And so, when you require separating, scalping, and grading throughout processing, then this is the total equipment you need. The Vibro sifter procedure associated with a vibrational sifting tool is designed to perform isolation, gradient and scalping duties.

Based on its high competence and compact scale, the Lab Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter Machine is perfect for the production of small quantities of pharmaceutical materials and the study of pharmacy schools, research & design laboratories.

It is envisioned on the 'Gyratory Motion' principle. The mixture is located at the centre of the screen and then travels along a spiral path to the periphery while the fine atoms pass through it. Accordingly, the material being screened is smearing mathematics apart and no follow-up is used to separate the grosser particles. The sifting is done gently and with very little abrasion.

Important features of the Vibro Sifter Machine:

Perfect for Gradation & Separation of Dry Powder, Granules, and Semi Solids / Liquids.

The sieves are deferred on a spring to avoid vibration on the floor.

We can raise the number of decks as per obligation.

Stress-free Dismantling & Cleaning.

Ball tray preparation. (For choking of sieves).

Rubber moulded sieve as elective.

Different parts of Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter Machine Hopper Lid:

The Hopper lid is made from metal and this is also named a cover lid. This component covers the elements being treated on the upper section of the machine and it prevents them from falling off whenever the machine is vibrating.

It also supports stopping the materials from contamination and dusting and it is held up onto the device by a clamping ring.

Filter Screen:

The piece aids in providing a smooth surface finish for materials throughout processing. The filter screen is made using wire mesh with a well surface that can sieve the materials appropriately. Leakage caused throughout material processing can be evaded using this component. It is obtainable in different sizes, and this depends on the machine's design.

Wire Mesh Screen Ring:

This is the part where the wire mesh is connected; it has a glue that supports the bonding of the mesh to the ring. This attachment makes the mesh last longer and helps it continue intact during material treatment even with high-intensity vibration.

Oversize Material Outlet:

It can also be named an oversize material chute which clears the large ingredients after the sieving process is ended. It is located on the upper part of the device to let easy and speedy discharge of these large particles.

Screen Material Outlet:

This is the conflicting of the Oversized material outlet and it is the outlet for all graded, screened products from the machine. It is located in the lowest part of the machine which permits a simple collection of screened elements and quick discharge out of the machine.


Springs certify the machine has a hydraulic movement. The springs also grip the upper part of the machine as it vibrates and mixes the materials. It’s the springs that allow this device to vibrate easily and stop the vibration from reaching the floor.

Control Panel:

It has many buttons that are utilized to send signals to the machine about assured actions it should assume and the control panel displays all the configured operations.


The machine uses electricity, and therefore, it’s this section that changes electricity to the energy that runs the machine.

Numerous plane vibration motion by the motor makes more power, which upsurges the ingredient particle passing rate through sieves.

The motor size of a Vibro sifting machine may be dissimilar because of the machine size, production volume, and design. This offers the three key functions both for dry and moist granulation in several uses. Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, the usage of this system is frequently common in other industries. Apart from the pharma industry, many companies cover, among others, the oil, cement, and food processing industries.

Key Usages of Vibro Sifter in Material Processing

Preferably, the principal purposes of the Vibro sieve tend to vary rendering to the usage. Also, this all relies on the nature and design of the machine.

1. Sifting or Rebolting:

Essentially, as the name suggests, this is one of the key implementations of this particular type of computing machine.

2. Scalping:

This is the other precarious area where a check screen is placed for a check. This inevitably needs removing lumps or a broad variety of unwanted foreign substances from a more polished substance than the scalping film.

3. Proof sifting:

This is the final assurance of the reliability of the drug. Therefore, in many sectors, this device gives a final evaluation of the product after the whole production cycle has finished.

4. Screening or Grading:

It is also another serious application of the Vibro Sifter. Screening or scoring simply suggests the process of distinguishing an item by its actual dimension.

Uses of Vibratory Sifter:

Sifting is done to eliminate lumps or growth that might have shaped the materials after being stored for a longer period and materials are passed through a net that opens, which leads to fine materials. It also eliminates the unrequired foreign particles and discrete the materials according to size

Advantages of using the Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter Machine from a reliable supplier

It has a compact and portable design.

It can deliver guaranteed minimal noise and high-speed service.

Mostly these are energy-efficient machinery.

Uses a flameproof engine material.

Constructed of high-grade stainless steel.

Enhanced ability to handle dust.

There are other screen differences, such as double or triple.

Types of Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter Machine

This machine is available in different variations due to its size, material and sifter layers some of them are.

One layer, Vibro sifter.

Created with a Double layer Vibro sifter, which has two layers.

For more productivity Triple-layer Vibro sifter that has three layers.

Industrial Vibro sifter which is usually used in food processing industries.

L-shaped sieve frame Vibro sifter

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